Attitude Mermaids

These organically grown bamboo cutting boards are perfect for the boat! The smaller size means they won't take up a ton of space in your galley. The finished hole in the handle makes it easy to display, on the boat or at home! One side is the laser etched design (about an 1/8th of an inch deep), while the other side has been food safety tested for preparing your meals!

• Made From High Quality, Organically Grown Bamboo

• Dual Purpose Sides: One for Food Preparation & One for Display

• Finished Hole on Handle for Easy Hanging/Storage

• Free of Pesticides, Fertilizer & Chemicals

• No Artificial Coloring

• Food Safety Tested and Approved by the FDA

• Food-Safe Lacquer Coated

• 11.5”x5.5” Handle to Base

SHIPPING: 5-10 days

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