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NOTE: If you are offended by Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, this book is NOT for you!


Legal Crapola & Explanations (For those who care!)

This is either a work of fiction or non-fiction. This work proves that Schroedinger’s Cat Theory: A cat imagined as being enclosed in a box with a radioactive source and a poison that will be released when the source (unpredictably) emits radiation, the cat being considered (per quantum mechanics) to be simultaneously both dead and alive until the box is opened and the cat observed. In this story the cat is very much alive!

As this didn’t actually happen, it didn’t actually happen about mid-August, 1973.

What I am trying to allude to is it never happened… and when it did, I wasn’t there, because if it were labeled as non-fiction a whole lot of people could be highly embarrassed (or worse!).

Okay, if this had happened (wink-wink, nod-nod) it would have been about 50 years ago, and if I were there I would have been in my late twenties.

As we reach senility sometimes things that happen get foggy, and things that didn’t happen seem to warp into some kind of fuzzy reality. So once again, this never happened, and when it did, it was a long time ago, and in my alleged drug-addled state of mind, it could have all just been a dream.

Or a nightmare.

Critical Praise (?) for DORF (lol):

Bob Bitchin brings his unique brand of outrageously irreverent humor to DORF! It’ s the quintessential biker road trip in a bus from California to biker Mecca - Sturgis. And no one will come close to comparing this bus to the Partridge Family bus! It’s filled with the 3 B’ s – Booze, Bikes, and Boobs!

Bob Adamov, 
Award-Winning Mystery Adventure Author

In the secretive world of biker men, who simple mortal men are routinely afraid of (and their wives and girlfriends secretly want to be with), life is filled with brotherhood, partying, pranks, riding and the craziest good, bad and plain dumb luck you’ll ever see. The stories are often crazier than fiction, and if there weren’t photos, articles (or court documents) to prove it, nobody would believe it, or worse, remember it! That being said, there is no better storyteller than Bob Bitchin! In a modern world filled with posers, corporate greed and thin-skinned people everywhere, Bob Bitchin recounts unabashedly when men were men and the world was free for enjoyment!!!

Arthur “Wolf” Wielga, 
Member, Authentic Legacy MC

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