KISS-SSB Ground Plane


Used worldwide by NOAA research vessels, US Navy, US Army, private aircraft, and most around-the-world racing vessels.

"We used and tested the KISS-SSB on SV Lost Soul for years, and recommend it for it’s ease of installation, quality and price." - Bob Bitchin

The KISS-SSB is a US Patented marine SSB ground plane system. This Icom endorsed principle is the one and only complete counterpoise system. It does not require any holes under the water-line in the hull for a bronze plate, copper foil or copper mesh. The system has many feet of exact length wire radials built in. After a normal installation time of less than thirty minutes the KISS-SSB is completely maintenance free.  Unlike the bronze plate that requires constant cleaning, and the copper foil that is subject to constant corroding.

Shipping: 5-7 days


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