Letters from the Lost Soul


We are printing new hard cover issues which will be signed by Bob and will be available soon!

Letters from the Lost Soul (2004) by Bob Bitchin

An exciting and hilarious account of Bob Bitchin's extraordinary adventures with his wife, Jody, as they cruise the globe aboard the LOST SOUL, their magnificent Formosa 56 staysail ketch. Letters from the Lost Sould features the whitest beaches, the tallest palm trees, and the finest sailing in all the seven seas. The Bitchins travel thousands of miles all over the world, even making a pilgrimage to Sounion, Greece, where they worship at the temple of Poseidon (who is tattooed on Bob's chest). Along the way, the crew shifts, the winds howl, the waves thrash, and everything that can go wrong does. But in the en

d, you'll understand why one of Bob's favorite sayings is: "I can't recommend decadence as a way of life, but it has worked for me."

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