Songs for Sailors Vol. 1

This is the first anthology of sailing and cruising songs created by Bob Bitchin back in the Latitudes & Attitudes days. If you're dreaming chasing that sunset over the horizon, playing this CD will give you even more inspiration to let loose those dock lines!

Play List:

1. I'd Rather be Sailing - Dave Soreff

2. Lost and Found Buccaneer - Chuck Lawson

3. Blue, Blue water - Mark Mulligan

4. Close Encounters of the Wet Kind - Eric Stone

5. Blackbeard's Navy - Sunny Jim

6. Drunken Sailor - Eileen Quinn

7. That's Life on a Boat - Gene Mitchell

8. On MY Way to Catalina - Tonu Baloney

9. Nova Scotia Fisherman - Mike Aiken

10. The Floating Opera - Jim Morris

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